Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Malacca Food Guide

Sick of work. I'm now planning a short trip (yeah..a food trip) to Malacca this Saturday. Browsed thru the internet and I found the ultimate Malacca food guide. Anyway, do drop me a comment if you have some real goodie authentic not-to-be -missed Malacca food to rekomend ^_^

Presenting the ultimate malacca food guide by Flavours Magazine:


Hoe Kee Chicken rice ball @ Jonker Street

BBQ Pork Rice from Bunga Raya Lane


Mee Kahwin from Restaurant Ming Huat (shop opposite turning to the Portuguese Settlement)

Hee Kiaw from Teo Heng @ Wang Food Court (Next to Grand Continental Hotel)


Capitol satay celup @ Lorong Bukit Cina (Open till last customer leave, closed on Mondays)

Speciality: Dunk your seafood into boiling satay peanut sauce.

Hainanese Pork Satay@ Sun May Hiong Satay House, Jonker Street.
Rekomended by KY who luvs the pork intestine satays.


Chendol from No.1 Kopitiam

(across form Hoe Kee)

Clock Tower Chendol

(Stall opposite the Clock Tower)

Homemade Ice-cream from Tai Chong Hygenic Ice Cafe @ Jalan Bunga Raya.

Nyonya dessert from Tai Bak @ Jalan Tengkera (opposite ACS/ Wesley Church)
According to Flavours, this nyonya dessert is in danger of extinction.


San Pedro Restaurant @ D' Aranjo Road, Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir.

DMG Cafe @ Taman Melaka Raya (Next to Malacca Club)

I'm drooling rite now....


Char Siew Bao said...

Mmmmm how come the food guide didnt introduce the "Teo-chew" restaurant along jonker street ah? My family went there and had a wonderful seafood feast over there! Restaurant is ez to overlook cuz of its appearance... like a simple kopitiam with the cooking done in the front and only about 6 tables inside. But apparently some famous big names have dine there and their pictures are on the wall.... from Lee Kuan Yew, to Quek Leng Chai (forgive my spelling) and many more!!!! oh and did i mention that the restaurant has been there 4 more that 80+ yrs? (i think its 80+ yrs... i dun have the name card with me rite now to confirm it :P)

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Looks like you're going to gain fat real soon eh? hahaha! But, life without food, really have nothing to look forward. So, just enjoy and eat!:)

Precious Pea said...

Wahh...are you staying over? Can manage to sample all the goodies or not?? Never mind..those than can tar bau back,then you tar bau. Enjoy your Malacca trip!

sc said...

there's a really good ikan bakar place at a malay kampung in malacca. fantastic grilled sotong & otak otak, served with nasi lemak. a local brought me there (opens for dinner only), but i dont know how to get there now :(. anyone out there who knows?

Xiu Long Bao said...

that teo chew restaurant so secluded la. I oso nvr notice it @ jonker street ;p

haha...dats y i'm doing power exercise now! Every morning swim 10 rounds before goin2 work. After sao gong go work out @ gym...taadaaa..i can eat more this weekend :)

precious pea:
yup...stay over for one nite! Sure will tar pau some nyonya kuihs, changs and rice balls ^_^ Anyway I think wiv my big appetite i can sample veli much food there...hehe...btw, i recalled dat last July, i went to malacca for a very short one day trip, ie 3 hours but i mananged to stuff one bowl of laksa, 2 bowls of chendol, one plate of chicken rice balls n some terror *shy shy*

waa...anyone noes the way??? Makes me drool drool.Btw, i think we need to get locals to bring us around malacca to sample the real authentic malacca food. I only noe how to go jonker street :P

tankiasu said...

You might wanna try the Hing Loong Taiwanese Noodle on Jln Bachang as well.

After this hectic Easter weekend, I wanna drive up to Ipoh and Penang to eat everything under the sun!!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

taiwanese nudles...ok noted!(if i managed to locate jln bachang...hehe my sense of direction...sigh...kinda hopeless).

I wana go penang too...n drop by ipoh for some nudles...slurppp...too bad can't make it now...for the moment i'll get my cravings fixed @ malacca first!

wmw said...

I'm going there next week over the weekend. Don't forget to try the original Mille Crepe cake....At Nadese's (according to Jason Mumbles' blog, it's the best). He says it's located at Plaza Mahkota, near Costa Rica Hotel and OUB Bank. Hehe. I'm making sure that I go there and get a comparison with Sec 17 Food Foundry's.

MeiyeN said...

do drop by this place selling rojak @ taman asean when you are in malacca! yummyy.....:D

Xiu Long Bao said...

wmw: Plaza Mahkota= Mahkota Parade? I read bout that post...Nardese only bakes one type of cake, ie Mille Crepe which really ignites my interest!!!

Xiu Long Bao said...

meiyen: where is taman asean? i only noe jonker street n mahkota parade in malacca :P

Jason said...

Xiu Long Bao,

I just visited your blog and read your latest post about your Malacca
trip planning. In my personal opinion, the list that you got wasn't
from Flavours magazine but from a local government website, cuti-cuti
something. The file is in PDF format, right? On top of that, the list
is way outdated, I mean, seriously, outdated.

1) Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Shop / Chung Wah Chicken Rice Shop @ Jonker Street
They are said to be rivals and each of them has their own preference
and loyal customers. For me, both of them are the same and there's
nothing to shout about. I don't know why people are so fascinated with
the balls. Heh! However, if you are here on weekends, be prepared to
queue up for at least 1 to 2 hours just to eat the rice. I always
prefer to go another shop in Melaka Raya that serves equally decent
chicken rice yet I don't have to wait that long.

2) Kedai Antik 88 @ Jonker Street
This shop, right in the middle of Jonker Street and opposite of
Geographer Cafe, serves the best chendol in Malacca. Alternative, is
the a stall not too far from Jonker, called Donald's & Mary's, also
serves decent chendol and Nyonya delicacies. The stall opposite the
clock tower? You can ignore that, trust me.

3) Night Market @ Jonker Street
At night, Jonker Street will be turned into a night market. Along the
street, there are many stalls that sell delicious finger food like
"dim sum" (4 for RM1.50), Hainanese coffee, kaya toast bread, curry
fish balls, "apam balik" and etc. This is the best time for you to
walk Jonker Street and yet able to try many cheap and filling finger

4) BBQ Pork Rice @ Jalan Bunga Raya
This road is the busiest road in Malacca during day time and parking
is superbly limited. The "char siew" rice stall is a shop lot next to
the Jalan Bunga Raya food court (a very small lane between 2 rows of
shops). Business starts from 10am / 11am and the "char siew" is sold
out even before 12.30pm. Unless you crave for it, I advice you not to
go with the crowd as it is really time consuming. However, do try the
sugar cane there! Nice.

5) Noodles @ Lorong Bukit Cina or Melaka Raya
Forget about the Mee Kahwin. When you are in Malacca, try Malacca's
Wantan Mee because the Wantan Mee here is slightly different. The
stall at Lorong Bukit Cina opens after 9pm and closes around 1am. The
one at Melaka Raya operates during day time. What so special about
Malacca's Wantan Mee is that it is read in colour and doesn't come in
dark soy sauce like you always get. It's a little soggy and lots of
pork lards.

6) Satay Celup @ Lorong Bukit Cina or Jalan Ong Kim Wee
Capitol Satay Celup is very famous among its tourist and Singaporeans.
Its always jam packed and you need to wait up to 2 hours just for a
table. The sauce has a stronger "serai" and ginger taste but has more
varieties in terms of food. As for the one at Jalan Ong Kim Wee, it's
Ban Lee Xiang, which is my favourite. There are ample of tables
(expanded their shoplots) and you don't have to queue that long.
However, there are less varieties. Depends on your preference, both
serve equally decent Satay Celup and each sauce is different from the

7) Dessert @ Newton Food Court or Jalan Temple or Pengkalan Rama (Not sure)
Desserts can be every where as its very common in Malacca. Most of the
shops are commercialized like the one in Jalan Temple (adjacent to
Jonker Street). The one at Newton Food Court is nice too and operates
during dinner hours. The other one serves from 8pm until 3am, which is
one of my favourites actually.

8) Portuguese food
At Portuguese Settlement's food court, stall No.1 is my favourite.

9) Nyonya food
If you want to eat Nyonya food for meals, be prepared to pay for a
hefty price. I think it is overrated unless my out station friends
insist, I won't bring them there. Bibik Neo and Ole Sayang are very
popular choices.

10) Ikan Bakar @ Umbai
The one SC mentioned is at Umbai, which is about 30 minutes drive from
Malacca town. It's famous for its cheap seafood.

11) Tew Cheow Restaurant
The restaurant is famous for its mutton soup and Tew Cheow dishes.
It's not very secluded as it's within walking distance from Jonker
Street also.

12) Taiwanese Noodle
Its expensive and not nice; yet I don't know why so many people likes
the stall.

Too many to mention, if you want to know more, visit my blog at or you can
give me a call at 012-6842434.

If you don't mind and if I can make it, I don't mind bringing you all
around. :)

Law Tien Soon said...

I'm absolutely agree with Jason on the outdated food guide you've downloaded from :)

Too bad I'll be in Bangkok during this coming weekend, or else I can join Jason to be your "local guides" haha

By the way, you may visit for further information about Melaka ;)

Tummythoz said...

Wahlau-eh. After Jason's dos & donts, your trip should be best or d best-lah! Wish I can tag along ..

Xiu Long Bao said...

OMG...this is the longest comment I have ever received. Seriously, thanks alot for the guide. U r such a good Malacca Ambassador. For the best chendol in town, as u mentioned, I think the kedai antik is the shop that i frequent whenever im travelling to malacca. Agree that it serves the best chendol :)
I dun think i will manage to savour all the delicacies rekomended by u in 2 days but then again, i'll revisit malacca soon just for ur guide ;p

tien soon:
halo there, so outdated man...thx alot for the info! Will definitely stuff myself with the food rekomended by jason :)

keep jason's guide for ur nxt visit to malacca la...i was really amazed by the list :O

jason aka ipohwav3 said...

Such comprehensive details on what to eat in Malacca! Wish you have a great makan trip there ;)

boo_licious said...

Must eats at Malacca is Donald and Lily Tan's Nyonya cendol just off the carpark at Jonker Street. Featured in the New York Times ok, so don't play play!

The teochew restaurant is also a must - such good food but you must book ahead.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
I think you're not that "fat" gua... Just eat but don't forget exercise loh. No need to work out until that "fierce". haha!

Char Siew Bao said...


Xiu Long Bao said...

jason aka ipohwav3:
ur turn to giv me eating tips when i travel to ipoh :)

boo_licious: really??? nvr notice this famous chendol from the carpark. Noted!

OMG...since so many of u rekomend this low profile teochew restaurant, i hav no reasons not to try it out!

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...gud to exercise more! then can eat more!!!

CSB: ;p

Jonathan said...

Thank you. I read all the comments here and I have clear direction now what to eat in Melaka next sat and sun. Hehe.