Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Eve Feast

Hello, my name is BAO, XIU LONG BAO. Here comes that time of the year again, where its Goodbye to 2006 and Hello to James Bond year! (2-007). Like every year end, its the customary ritual to have a family feast with loads and loads of homecooked (amid some da-pau) delicious food, and as usual this feast is always hosted by my beloved aunt.

Here are the wondrous, mouthwatering food! We had home-roasted stuffed with lemon garlic turkey and wrapped with bacon, courtesy from my aunt. Aside from that we had juicy Yong Tau Foo from Serdang and mouth watering spicy rendang chicken and sambal sotong. Aunt also cooked some fragrant nasi lemak to go along with these amazing dishes!

To top-off the feast, we had sweet melting chocolate fondue with red juicy strawberries, lucious Thompson grapes and sliced tropical bananas. I have to say that the bananas go well dipped with melting chocolates. Makes you go bananas!
And finally to end the year 2006 is a glass of wine and CHEERS to all!
Many thanks to all the readers of my blog and hope to post more for this 2007!


ya-ha said...

Since i wuz there, the food was really great! but i only got 1 thing to say.......

I didnt have enuf of d chocolate fondue..... More please!

Mark said...

Happy New Year and Good Year with Good Food ya!

MeiyeN said...

hey gal, thanks for da linking! :D

looks like you had a great new year eve feast! happy new year to you & your family! many happy returns yah... :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

Dear mark & meiyen,

Thanks for dropping by.
*Best wishes always*

wmw said...

Yah, welcome home and Happy New Year wishes to you once again! Lots of good food! Malaysian food is the best hor?

Xiu Long Bao said...

absolutely! msian food is always the best ^_^