Saturday, November 04, 2006

Juru-ukur tanah in action

Wakakaka…here starts my life as a juru-ukur tanah…Im free! I have eventually finished my final paper for my final semester of my final year…;p

Today I hang out with my classmates and we guzzled lotsa good food!

This is what I have for my breakfast…Salmon and prawn pie ($3.50=RM 10.50)…sound tempting but I can hardly taste any salmon or prawn o_0 gosh…I can have 3 bowls of prawn laksa in msia with the same price…

Later we have lunch in Nikko Nikko Sushi. I luv this sushi outlet. It is owned by a Japanese couple and the sushi tastes great! (at least in this small little town ^_^) So, here are our orders…
Rainbow rolls
Rainbow rolls ($5.50) = smoked salmon, prawn, crabmeat, avocado and cucumber temaki topped with Nikko’s specially made TNT sauce…yum yum

TNT rolls
TNT rolls ($4.50) = ebi tempura, avocado and cucumber temaki generously topped with TNT sauce...

Prawn rolls
Prawn rolls ($3.50). The prawns were really fresh and crunchy…crunch…crunch…but kinda tasteless.
Chicken teriyaki rolls
Chicken teriyaki rolls ($3.50). Chicken teriyaki + salad…hmmm…nice combination!


Hijackqueen said...

Aiks! We are in the same line. I'm working in a licensed land surveying company too. Small world ya.

Xiu Long Bao said...

halor hijackqueen,

im still ukur-ing tanah...jobless for the moment...haha :)