Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An intro...My taste, My desire, My favourite food ^_^

>>>>> My favourite food... Gyoza (Nihon bashi@ Desa Sri Hartamas)

Tempura basket (Shangri-La :p)<<<<<

>>>>> California rolls (Nihon Bashi @ Desa Sri Hartamas)

Assorted sushi platter..... Australia =_=''<<<<<


After viewing all the fabulous food blogs from Malaysia, I decided to create my own blog. How sad...I'm currently not in Malaysia...still struggling overseas...but expecting to graduate this december!!!Yay!!!The end of my sufference...struggling with law for the past 4 years @_@".Can't wait to return to Malaysia...ohhhh!!!miss all those yummy yummy Malaysian food!!!Yea...I know my heading is 'KL people KL food', will try to post some of the photos taken when I was back in Malaysia.

Will explore KL more thoroughly when I'm back!!! are some of the photos.....

>>>>> My favourite non japanese, 100% Malaysian Durian Chendol! :D


J said...

Well,.... best of luck with your new food blog!

I know I've had a lot of fun with mine for the last year.

Xiu Long Bao said...

Thanks for being the first commentator in my food blog!


Anonymous said...

wah, the curry mee looks very delicious.
cant wait to go back....really cant WAIT anymore!
anyway, i know that there is a curry mee stall in jenjarom (near BANTING) which is very famous also........
come find me after we graduate!bring u there theN......
quote:"jalan jalan cari makan"

Xiu Long Bao said...

anonymous aka 'pfung':

haha...after graduation i sure go 'jalan jalan cari makan' lor...i need to fill up my stomach which has been tortured for one whole year @_@"

Quote: 'eat first exercise later'